1. I will start with what many people know, but it is not obvious to everyone. For a long time, he played PB under the nickname MaD.House * Advokat, and it means a lot to me.
And I would never risk my name for any amount of money, and I confirm my words with a successful sale/purchase of accounts for more than 6 years without a single deception on my part.

2. Reviews - http://advo.pw/page/otzyvy
They are open, honest, and objective. You can write to any of those who left something there and ask them to tell you or provide evidence about the transaction conducted with me.
If you don't trust the reviews, then ask your friends from the game. At least one, but there is one of your entourage who has ever addressed me.

3, A point for oldies Point Blank. Who remembers such a portal-pbhack. I was and am the official guarantor of this site.
Unfortunately, the site itself has already ceased to exist, but cached pages can sometimes be opened.